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Quantitative Easing: Is The Fed Ready To Ease Up?

Last month, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke set the markets off after talking about limiting quantitative easing. Fascinating isn’t it? Especially since many Americans aren’t sure exactly what Ben Bernanke does and who on earth knows what quantitative easing is? No need to worry, we’re here to help. It turns out that Mr. Bernanke and … Continue reading →

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Overview Of Debt Collection Software

Companies are facing many issues with respect to debt and debt collection in recent times. Consumers, who are unable to pay for merchandise or services, often opt for some form of debt. This puts the onus on the businesses to collect the debts from the customers. As the economic crisis in the world continues, businesses … Continue reading →

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How to Borrow Money to Invest

Borrowing money for any type of investment can be risky business, especially if your potential investment idea has an unproven track record. Building long-term wealth is an essential part of any financial plan, and with current interest rates at near 40 year lows, borrowing money to invest may be a wise choice, if you are … Continue reading →

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