The Secrets That Your Gas Station Is Keeping From You


While you are looking for ways to save on gas, your gas station is looking for ways to draw you in to make the most profit from you. There are things that gas stations will not divulge to their customers. Yahoo Finance offers these tips:
1) If you have a newer car, regular gas performs just as well as premium gas.
2) Gas prices fluctuate. You pay the highest gas price usually around the middle of the week. Prices do not tend to go up right before the end of the week.
3) If you shop around, you can usually find cheaper gas elsewhere. The prices at membership clubs are usually lower, and it is a good deal if you already have membership. A website called GasBuddy can give you gas prices from pumps across Canada and the U.S.
4) Do not get gas from a station that is getting refuelled by a tanker at the moment. The sediment that is moving around in the fuel during the refuelling process can get into your car and cause a lot of problems.
5)Stop pumping when your gas tank shuts off. Squeezing out every little bit can do more harm than good to your car.


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